Trikora Beach Resort

A Play Ground, Garden, and Home Away from Home

Cast on a marine conservation site, this idyllic spot on the quiet eastern coast of Bintan is home to a sustainable resort that supports the local sea-faring community while delivering a bespoke island experience to guests.

Trikora Beach Resort invites you to unwind and go off-the-grid. Walk the 400-metre beach front, find a favorite nook in the resort’s sprawling grounds to read or just take in the sights and sounds of nature. Lounge by poolside and have our staff bring you an afternoon drink and snacks, or take a dip in the pool and then enjoy a massage with our resident masseuses.

Be captivated by a sky full of stars, move to your own rhythm, fall asleep to the song of the ocean, and wake with the morning sun, rising from where the sky meets the sea.

Blending in seamlessly with the idyllic tropical landscape, the resort offers rustic charms paired with basic modern conveniences, without pretence or packaging. There is no cookie-cutter hotel fare here. Instead, come prepared for local flavours, bespoke services and true Indonesian hospitality.